Watch Out

JORD is a Swedish word meaning earth, soil or land, so highlighting natural elements in each watch is a priority of the brand.


Falling in love with JORD watches is easy, deciding on which one.. now that is the hard part. Deciding on which watch to purchase will put you in quite the predicament.. but its the best kind of predicament. Each watch style is absolutely stunning and honestly I spent an hour just staring at them, all trying to decide which one to gift my dad. I finally decided on the walnut & jet black from the Conway series and when I received it the mail I knew I made a good decision. This is one item that looks even more gorgeous and luxurious in person, every time my dad wears it he is swarmed with compliments and questions on where he got it! I hope in the future to share with you the other side of JORD wooden watches, their women’s line! I can only imagine how those will look on my wrist!



Each watch comes in a gorgeous wooden box that I couldn’t stop sticking my nose in due to the amazing aroma of wood. You can also now personalize each watch to make your gift that much more special.

I teamed up with JORD to give away an exclusive coupon for $25 to everyone.. yes everyone, who enters into their current giveaway! Use this link, Tales of Her x JORD, to enter and get your $25 to use toward any purchase on JORD’s website. The giveaway will run until 1/1/2017, and the coupon code is valid until 2/28/2017.

Happy Holidays and beautiful watches all around!


Thanks to JORD Wood Watches for partnering with this post.

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