The Benjamin Hotel ~ New York City

The Benjamin has taught me that there should only be one kind of hotel in New York City.. and that is the kind with a view.

There is nothing I love more than thoughtful surprises, and I honestly felt like that was all I experienced while staying at The Benjamin. They spoiled me..big time!

When we arrived at the hotel we were exhausted, hungry and stressed due to a very delayed and diverted flight. However, when we walked through the doors of our room at The Benjamin, all of our negative energy floated away.

We took in the amazing room that was before us.

We gushed over the personalized letter, delicious food spread and champagne that awaited us.

We fell in love with The Benjamin.

My favorite moment that day however, was opening what we thought was going to be a window with a view of the city, that we quickly realized was instead a door.. a door that led to a terrace overlooking the city.

The Hotel

They say the city has an energy about it that is infectious and the best way to get the full effect is waking up every morning with the ability to take a few steps out of bed and be able to take in that energy first hand.

Originally established in 1927 as the former Hotel Beverly, the hotel is considered to be one of the most successful
creations by famed architect Emery Roth. The edifice so inspired artist Georgia O’Keeffe that she painted it as the subject of her piece “New York — Night.

One of my favorite aspects of the hotel was the Mediation and Pillow menu! Just simply dial 0 to select a specialty pillow from their menu and listen to a relaxing mediation session before drifting off into a perfect slumber. But they don’t stop there. As you continue to read you will see why they were named one of the best places to travel with your pet! Mungo & Maud pet beds are provided in the room to ensure that you aren’t the only one dreaming of your pet but that your pet is dreaming of you too!

Named “One of the 50 Favorite Restaurants” by The New York Times, The National was one of my favorite meals that I had while in the city. Make sure and order the Croque Madame, it is my favorite French entree and I have never introduced it to a person who did not thank me afterwards. The National also believes that EVERY guest should enjoy a wonderful culinary experience while in New York City.. that includes your furry companion! The restaurant offers a specialty food menu and cocktail list prepared by the head chef that will have your pup drooling and their paw-print of approval!

We had the pleasure of enjoying a blowout with the amazing Marco at Federico Salon. This on site salon is a celebrity hair salon that is frequented by favorites of mine like Nicole Ritchie, Eva Longoria, and Katie Couric!  They have been the official hairstylist of Couture Fashion Week since 2007 and has coiffed the hair of the runway models for  Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Fendi shows!

They also offer in-suite services as well for those that like to look a little better than usual when they step out of their hotel room. Federico Salon

The Benjamin hotel was named one of the top three pet-friendly hotels by readers of, a division of USA Today Travel.. and I can totally see why!

Pets are not only welcomed at The Benjamin hotel but are encouraged! They have a partnership with BarkBox and every dog receives their very own BarkBox full of treats and toys upon check in. They also provide each dog with the necessities to take on the city; a collapsible water bow, paw wipes and a roll of plastic bags.

The week before we arrived the cutest little pup, Juno, had the pleasure of staying at The Benjamin hotel during the Super Bowl. He was participating in the Puppy Bowl.. what the fluff, how cute is that?! You can read about his stay here.


The last 6 hours of our trip was fashion week free and we decided to explore the city and have an impromptu Galentine’s date! Fifth Avenue is one of my favorite spots to visit while in the city and thankfully it is only 3 blocks away! The Benjamin really is in the best location. It is close enough to walk to Grand Central, Times Square and Central Park but far enough to distance yourself from all of the tourists! We walked from the hotel, through Park Ave. and then to Fifth Ave. to find a perfect little Italian place that satisfied our taste buds!

The Experience

Our time in our suite at The Benjamin was filled with morning photo shoots in the bedroom, afternoon touch ups in the marble bathroom, cocktail hour in the sitting area, and late night talks on the terrace.

I honestly believe if you stay in room 2001 you will still hear our laughter ringing in the air.

I’m still smiling back at the wonderful memories that were made at this hotel!

Thank you to The Benjamin hotel for partnering during New York Fashion Week.

Photography by Maggie Says at Studio Underground.