Tailor-made Beauty

At 23 I never thought I would be (slightly) panicking about my skin.. and I definitely never thought I would all ready by investing in serums and anti-aging creams, but here I am. The sun is at fault for most of my imperfections and long are the days that I would lay out for hours soaked in oils. Even though I still soak in the sun I make sure I am properly prepared with spf in hand! Due to this I have begun to start planning for the future of my skin.. or more like trying to slow down it’s arrival!

Our diet, exercise and happiness makes a big impression on our outer beauty, which is why Renovita really caught my eye. They didn’t promise a quick fix with their serums and skin care because let’s be honest only needles and knives can do that. They stress that the key to great skin comes from within. They focus on a balanced nutrition and a dedicated skin care regimen, all that is tailor-made for you! Not every person’s skin is alike so why try a product that is a “one size fits all”?

RENOVITA’s Clean Beauty Regemin spends time understanding you, your needs, your skin conditions and your genetic markings before recommending a regimen that is all natural and perfect for you!

Their Clean Eats Program consists of natural food that contain macro- and micro- nutrients needed for a healthy body and radiant skin

To better deliver the essential nutrients, the Clean Beauty Program includes two segments: the Beauty Lab to fully understand you and your needs before creating your custom-mixed skin care line, and the Beauty Butler who will take the data analyzed by the Beauty Lab and custom-create a carefully curated beauty regimen for your needs. I received the LUME Revitalizing Serum which works in a three-part process after mixing that balance, regenerate and firms your skin. These factors vary per kit depending on what your unique needs are.

Renovita is definitely a company to watch out for in 2017. With even more customization options and even the talk of inject-ables on the table, I’m excited to see what else is in store for this brand!

Celebrate 2017 with them by joining in our Naked&Fab Party and claim your LUME Revitalizing Serum Kit! Following them on Instagram @renovita.co and tag your #nomakeup and #BestSelf2017 selfies or contact them via email to get started!

Thank you Renovita for partnering with this post