It’s only a few days until September (what?!). It’s that awkward month where it’s not quite summer, but it’s not quite fall yet either. For an easy transition that doesn’t look like your still stuck in summer, try to keep your colors neutral and only show one or the other, when it comes to your […]

Making Statements 

Ever wonder how your fave celebrities always look so fashionable and like a million bucks even when they are grocery shopping or at the airport? Here’s their secret.. a high-end statement accessory. Accessories are the punctuation of an outfit and sometimes your outfit needs an exclamation point. Statement bags pack a punch and can elevate […]

Natural Instincts

Summer is in full swing so I’m tugging t-shirts off my shoulders, rocking high ponies, getting lots and lots of sun (hint my sunburn in these pictures) and peeking at gladiators in shop windows and all the rest of the items that come along with this warm season. Photography by: LaikenJoyPhotography Sporting: Forever 21 sunglasses, […]

Summer And The City

When you live in a beachless city wearing crop tops and cheeky cutoffs are highly frowned upon. So while I dream of that time I was in Miami and it was perfectly acceptable to wear a bikini shopping, I am stuck here trying to find something appropriate to wear that won’t have me dying in […]