Ready To Fall

There are two accessories that I can not get enough of this fall and those are the silk square scarf and the modern backpack bag. Both of which are poised to be fall’s hottest trends.

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Thinking back to the first purse I ever remember really, really wanting, I picture the little white faux leather backpack that I just had to have.. mainly because they matched my new platform wedges perfectly. This was in the late-90s and now 17 years later I bet that little white backpack would be in style all over again. So what’s the difference between a grown-up backpack and the one you carried in college? Everything! No longer just for school kids, the backpack has become a necessary accessory for adults. You can easily transition from a double shoulder bag while out having an adventure, to a single shoulder cross body if you’re out shopping. And just like the messy top knot, the effortlessness of the backpack makes it attractive. Sling a backpack on over one shoulder this fall because no matter what you’re wearing, heels or tennis shoes, there is a backpack to match! Some of my favorite fashion designers such as Rebecca Minkoff have included stylish travel chic handbags and backpacks in their fall collections to ensure your jaw-dropping looks come the cold months. For fall, it’s graduated into sleek, often luxe styles done in grown-up materials including leather, shearling and suede that will add a little chic and sophistication to your wardrobe. The backpack has been reinvented and it’s not only OK but quite posh to ditch your bag for a backpack! So whether your bag perches on your back, shoulder, forearm, or fist, shop the top-handle backpack below and be creative with your carryall!

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My second favorite trend that is still going strong from summer is the silk scarf. The silk scarf is one of those style staples that people lionize, but rarely rock. Maybe it’s because the classic accessory has a prim-and-proper reputation and seems to only be worn by ladies of a certain age. Or maybe people just don’t know how to incorporate scarves into their personal style. Whatever the case, we’re sick of seeing these fashion legends collect dust. With its incredible versatility and with the multitude of spectacular prints available on the market, a silk scarf is the easiest wardrobe addition that ups the luxe-factor of your look in seconds no matter how you wear it. Needless to say, the scarf fan base is strong and growing. Now, there are numerous ways to wear them so let’s start with the basic and most obvious place, the neck. We’ve learned so much from French women when it comes to style and rocking a scarf choker is definitely one of them. The most simple transition from merely just tying it in a french knot to wearing it muffler style can completely change the appearance of your outfit. I chose the french knot around my neck below to add a classy touch to my outfit. I also adorned this silk scarf by wrapping it around my wrist for a bold bracelet and ankle for a cool-girl accessory. There are countless ways to add this simple accessory into your wardrobe such as wrapping it around your head or tying it around your pony tail, wearing it as a cape like shawl or a belt, to even showing your handbag/backpack some love by tying it on the handle to add a little something extra. All of these will have you feeling like a 24/7 fashionista.

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Today, I decided to let the scarf make the major color statement by keeping all of the other accessories neutral. Part backpack, part ladylike satchel, this perfect leather accessory is my favorite bag for the fall. It is the perfect transitional piece as we move into fall with its beige leather and fringe like tassels. And bonus, this bag comes in so many fall ready colors! Of course, it being August in the South means I can’t quite break out the cardigans and suede boots quite yet. This romper is perfect for the searing days of August with its open back that allows you to feel cool no matter the temperature.


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