Summer Glow

fuzz-free-forever-featureWe all have had at least one of these moments when: a. it is too hot to lay out, b. you realize skin cancer is real or c. you’re at a topless beach and well.. your feeling french.

I have the solution to all 3; fake it.

Faking a gorgeous glow has become more and more popular and I have to admit.. I am a fan. After sacrificing several gallons of sweat laying out, praying at night I don’t get skin cancer or age too quickly, skipping out on buying a gorgeous swimsuit because the tan lines would be too awful, and keeping a top on at a topless beach because well everyone but me is perfectly tan there.. I have been sold.



Below are the best beauty products to a gorgeous summer glow, and if you choose to lay out like Brigitte Bardot, I listed my favorite sunscreen for you too.

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             Product Image  Product Image  Product Image  Product Image


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