New Year’s Eve in New York City: The Do’s and Don’ts


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No matter where you are, an intimate party, a bar, or at home.. watching the ball drop on New Years Eve makes you feel like the most magical and exhilarating place you could possible be at at that moment is in Times Square. And because of this, being there, in the confetti whirlwind madness, somehow ends up on everyone’s bucket list.. including mine. So I traveled to New York City and let me tell you everything I learned about being there on the last day of the year.

First off, unless you are willing to pay around 1000$ a night at a 3 star-hotel and God only knows how much for a 5.. hotel life is not for you during this time. I chose a cheaper route. Airbnb. My 1.2 million dollar apartment that I rented for New Years Eve was a much cheaper option, two blocks away from central park and four from times square leaving me taxi free and a lot of extra cash in my wallet.. which means more money for champagne, right?!
Speaking of champagne, don’t think you are going to be ringing in the new year tipsy and merry. To be in Times Square during the ball drop you will have to arrive at 7am that morning and stand there in the freezing cold until, well, midnight. And if that isn’t horrible enough no food or alcohol is permitted, which I guess helps with the fact that you aren’t allowed bathroom breaks either.
To me, 10 seconds of screams and confetti didn’t seem worth 15+ hours hungry, sober and jammed shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

For those of you wanting to dress to the nines, down flutes of champagne and go to the bathroom.. here is my option and what I did New Years Eve 2014. has a list of perfect parties in and around times square. Now, only a select few have an actual view of the ball drop and be ready to pay for that view as well. However, all the others are just as wonderful with plenty of tv’s for viewing. The website offers entry to a variety of exclusive parties in laid-back pubs, rowdy bars, raging nightclubs, and even penthouse and rooftop lounges. Most, like ours, will have open bar, unlimited champagne, and a delicious food spread. I highly recommend taking this route and staying far away from the most over-rated tourist attraction ever.

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