Marktgasse Hotel, Zürich

“the ding of a bell. the click of a room key. the rush of water filling a bathtub. the rustle of bed linen. they’re the sounds we hear at home, but in a hotel, they sound so much more glamorous. maybe it’s because we know someone else is tidying up and aligning our mini bottles of shampoo. or because a hotel’s history or thoughtful décor can feel like a film set where we are playing the leading role. wherever the magic comes from in this place we temporarily call home, we gladly check-in our cares upon arrival. it’s all music to our ears”.   Kate Spade

The Hotel

I do not have enough nice things to say about the exquisite experience I had last week while staying at this new boutique hotel in the heart of Zürich. With its 39 individually furnished rooms, two restaurants and decadent bar, you would never realize you were standing inside one of the oldest inns in Zürich. Built in the 15th century, the Marktgasse Hotel has been renovated gorgeously and is surrounded by winding lanes, cobblestone streets and shops that you could only possibly find in Switzerland.




Room No. 309

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous, but I think I will start with the fact that I had the best sleep of my life here. After a relaxing bath in the soaker tub, I collapsed onto the Schramm mattress while the aroma of orange rind immersed my senses, thanks to the complimentary Aēsop products I had lathered on myself. The down comforter on the beds could be a mirrored image of my mother’s that she had brought back from Switzerland many years ago. I left the windows open, letting the cool air seep in so I could wrap myself in familiarity.







Delish Cafés breakfast lasted me all the way up until dinner. With its wide variety of breakfast offerings such as in-house smoked fish, selections of regional cheeses and breads, sweet pastries and creative egg dishes making it an ideal place to fuel up for a long day of sightseeing and shopping.




Dinner & Drinks

 Baltho Bar & Küche was a perfect place to end each day. I enjoyed an amazing burger (the baltho burger) and a glass.. or two of Prosecco. The French fries were amazing and dipping them in the homemade ketchup made them to die for.  We were too full from the burger to finish the fries so the waitress allowed us to bring them up to our room for a midnight snack (how sweet!).


p.s. ask the waiter to get the vegetable stew (or Gemüseeintopf) as an appetizer, you won’t be disappointed.


After dinner, we walked up a few stairs to the unique and popular, Baltho Bar. Inside you will find books perfect for any cocktail enthusiasts, aromatic and spicy cocktails as well as classics with a Marktgasse twist.  After Midnight and Great Gatsby were my two favorite cocktails!




Between the helpful staff, chic and Scandinavian styled lobby, board game-filled library and unique surprises around every corner, I am counting the days until I am able to visit this darling hotel again.




 Thanks to Marktgasse Hotel for partnering with this post