Mardi Gras: Magic, Masquerades and Madness

“Fat Tuesday” is observed around the world, but only in New Orleans can you experience one of the most unique festivals in the world. Authentic cajun cuisine, 24/7 bars, voodoo shops, vampire shops and witchcraft shops bursting out from every angle. The culture of New Orleans is beyond one of a kind and worth a peek. The number of people throwing and sharing beads are seen everywhere you (dare) to look — the unofficial trade and barter currency that can be exchanged for playful “favors.” Plan early! The parades start weeks in advance and the partying builds to a crescendo. During our stay we experienced so much more than we had hoped for. Stunning floats and costumes that you thought could only exist in your imagination can be seen EVERYWHERE! People from all over the world will be sharing in the excitement and energy of Mardi Gras, rain or shine. Unfortunately for us, rain was part of our trip. Caught in a downpour in the middle of a parade we quickly ducked in a close by restaurant which turned out to be the perfect shelter until the rain let up. At Daisy Duke’s we enjoyed authentic cajun cuisine and free refills on bloody mary’s! The rest of trip we welcomed the sunshine as the bead catching and celebrating continued!

IMG_4269IMG_4270097022046 (2)032 (2)017 (2)021 (2)IMG_4267062015085049 (2)002 (2)Sporting: Nasty gal sequin high waisted zipper shorts, Michael Kors gold metallic bag