How I Spent My Day During The Blizzard And How To Prepare For The Next..

I woke up at around 7am at the Library Hotel to find 7 inches of snow on my balcony and snow swirling viciously outside. I scarfed down fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt and wrapped my scarf around my neck, and I walked out onto Madison Ave. where it was like a snow apocalypse. There was no one. As I trekked a mile down the road in my snow boots towards Pop Physique for a barre class, I passed a picturesque Madison Square Park, a few dogs in adorable sweaters and one car. I enjoyed a nice private class due to me being the only one to brave the beginning of the blizzard. One hour and probably two gallons of sweat later, I stepped outside to find it almost unbearable to open my eyes. The snow was now a foot deep and the blizzard was in full force. I quickly packed my bags and grabbed one of the only ubers available in New York City and began the journey across town to Hotel Elysee. After 5 minutes of being completely stuck in the middle of a deserted 5th ave. due to the car not having 4 wheel drive.. and 2 180 degree turns later I finally arrived. An hour later all transportation was banned from traveling anywhere, whew, made it just in time and it appeared I was here to stay.

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I checked in and was shown to my room.. or rooms I would later find out. Walking in to the Presidential Suite at Hotel Elysee was like walking into a room at the Palace of Versailles. Everything was doused in French elegance. After exploring the four room suite, playing the piano like I was a pro and opening all the curtains to view the blizzard at work, I noticed the balcony. It was the perfect place to sneak out to and experience the snow and the views. From 5-8pm I joined everyone at the cheese and wine reception where I drank too much champagne and ate too much Brie.



The next morning, I bundled up, left my favorite hotel and headed to Central Park. I’ve been to Central Park many times.. But this time it wasn’t Central Park. It was a magical forest where no matter where you looked it was picture perfect. Everyone was excused of their responsibilities for the day and it seemed they had all headed to Central Park. Adorable dogs were playing in the snow, toddlers sledding down the hills, couples making snow angels, cross country skiers and every professional photographer in the city was there to capture it. Today, New York was the best of both worlds and for once the stereotypical rushed and rude New Yorker disappeared. Everyone wore permanent smiles, walked slowly; taking in the day. And not a single car horn was heard that day.

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So, next time a Blizzard is headed to New York City don’t avoid it, don’t reroute or reschedule your visit. If anything make plans to go! Because no matter how many times you’ve visited New York City and every site imaginable in it, there is not a view on earth like a deserted, snow-covered New York City and it should be on everyone’s bucket list.