Hotel Flora, Venezia

“Hotel Flora makes you want to jump out of bed every morning and jump right back into it every evening”


The Hotel

As soon as I spotted Hotel Flora down a tiny alleyway in between Armani and Burberry I knew it was meant to be and when I placed my hand on the gorgeous Italian glass doorknobs I was certain, that this would be much more than just a hotel.

I will start with the warm welcome we received when we walked in. We arrived in the wee hours of the morning and our room was no where near to being ready, but that did not stop the front desk clerk, manager and waitress to go above and beyond to cater to our every need. They immediately took my phone and charged it for me, took care of our luggage and let us sneak into breakfast an hour early. We sat in the magical hotel garden and rested our weary legs, visited with other guests and watched the many pigeons fly in and out sneaking left over cheeses and bread left on the tables.

The Romanelli family has worked in hotellerie for over half a century and are still running Hotel Flora today and doing an amazing job at that. Hotel Flora is in the heart of San Marco but somehow manages to keep the touristy sounds at distant and remain a quiet Venetian oasis. From the alleyway of the hotel you can high-end shop, cross the walk way and get a delicious drink or just stare at the gorgeous Chiesa di San Moisè.


{the sign leading to the hotel}


{the hotel from behind}


{the hotel’s garden}




Room No.12

When I am in a place as magical as Venice, I want the hotel room to feel just as magical and just as Venetian as the city, and that is exactly how I felt when I walked in. Everything from the Italian processco and embroidered pillows on the bed, the Venezia-made bath products, to the old and battered balcony shutters were as authentic as it could get. We popped open the prosecco, filled our glasses and sat on the balcony and listened to the locals walking down below.






Hotel Flora’s complimentary food spread is by far the best food I had while in Venice. It lasts from breakfast all the way to lunch and is enough food to keep you coming back for seconds. We ate here for brunch so we wouldn’t have to purchase food else where and have more time for exploring.

Make sure to try their home made panna cotta!





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