Hotel Elysée, New York City


When I arrived at the Hotel Elysée it was right in the middle of the first blizzard of 2016, and it was the perfect place to hide out during it. Built in the 1920’s, the Hotel Elysée is named for one of the finest French Restaurants of that era. Once the playground for the rich and famous, Hotel Elysée has been home to movie stars, artists, writers and intellectuals.. and I can see why! Being only a few steps away from Central Park made it easy to wake up early and head that way for a scenic jog. When I returned, my room was ready and I was ready for a long bath. On the elevator up, I was very anxious because thanks to the wonderful staff I held the key to the Presidential Suite. The suite of course was nothing less than amazing. The grand piano and fireplace created a warm and welcoming feeling no matter how cold it actually was outside. I played outside on the balcony in the snow and nibbled on the chocolates that had been waiting on my pillow. It was a perfect way to spend my afternoon and couldn’t of picked a better hotel to stay in while I was snowed in.









That evening I joined the rest of the hotel residents in the club room to enjoy complimentary wine and cheese.


_DSC0144 (2)

After 8pm I was feeling a little stir crazy, so I went to the hotel’s restaurant & bar. The Monkey Bar is one of the hottest and most world renowned restaurants, which has been featured on ‘Sex in the City” as well as “Mad Men”. Many celebrities frequent this bar such as Madonna and myself (wink wink). So not even having to leave the hotel to have perfectly prepared cocktails and casual celeb spotting was fine with me!

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