Fly Happy

IMG_7798_edited-1Today I am once again off to Colorado to spend the 4th in the mountains and I could not be more excited! However this means braving possible flight delays, too many bare feet, and horrible over priced food. Having done quite a bit of flying in my day, I’ve had time to compile my favorite air travel tips.

1. Always travel with a sweatshirt. Airports are either horribly hot or freezing cold, there is no in between and it is better to be safe than sorry.. especially during a flight delay.

2. There are websites out there (ie:, that will tell you how long your ticketing and security waits will likely be. There is absolutely no need to show up three hours before your flight “just to be safe.” An hour and a half is usually sufficient.

3. Endure the outdoor elements to curb-check bags. It’s faster, they print your boarding pass there, and the men are far more helpful than the grouches inside.

4. Choose the security line that contains the fewest children. They’re cute. And slow. Just the facts, people.

5. Use the minimum number of security bins necessary for your belongings. Hint: your backpack doesn’t need one.

6. Always place your bag in overhead bin further up than your chosen seat. You don’t want to be “that girl” going backward trying to retrieve it when everyone else just wants to go forward. Sit a few rows further back if you must.

7. Do not make eye-contact with those in the aisle. This is for all you Southwest-erners: if you look at them, they’ll want to sit by you. It’s human nature.

8. Airports: the only place it’s acceptable to drink at 7 in the morning. Nerves kicking in? Don’t be ashamed to have a drink or two.

9. Don’t forget the necessities, and I don’t mean your toothbrush and contacts. Airport necessities are phone charger, sleep mask, and earplugs.

10. If you thought airport food was bad and overpriced it’s nothing compared to airplane food. Bring a snack on the plane.