The Shangri-La Hotel | Santa Monica

Once in a great while, the hotel becomes the destination. The Hotel The Shangri-La in Santa Monica is a glamorous, architectural gem and has been since 1939.  After it’s multi-million dollar restoration it gleams with white exterior, Art Deco interior and it’s beach front setting. It is perfectly situated next to the weekly farmers market […]

Mare Salon | West Hollywood

152. 152 times I laughed with my hairdresser, Allie. 152 times I ogled at my blowout. 152 reasons I plan on returning. 152 N Wetherly Dr. That is the address of the new and crisp, airy bungalow in West Hollywood that has A-listers flocking to. When I opened the gate that lead to Mare Salon, […]

A Week In Paris

I was in a cozy rooftop bar in NYC last year and a man studying chemistry next to me (who studies at a bar?) struck up conversation with me. We were on the subject of traveling and he said something to me that I have not and will not forget. “Every time you travel to […]

My Palate In Paris

There are countless restaurants and bars in Paris and trying to sift through them all can be exhausting. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money at a mediocre restaurant. So before we left for Paris, I spent months pinpointing, researching and finding out the best of the best for […]

A Weekend in Venezia

It was 4am when we stepped off the train onto the floating city, otherwise known as Venice, or Venezia in Italian. The sun was far from rising and no water taxis were available yet to bring us to our hotel. With 10% battery left on my phone, I opened google maps and we began our […]

Hotel Flora, Venezia

“Hotel Flora makes you want to jump out of bed every morning and jump right back into it every evening” The Hotel As soon as I spotted Hotel Flora down a tiny alleyway in between Armani and Burberry I knew it was meant to be and when I placed my hand on the gorgeous Italian […]

A Weekend in Nice, France

As soon as I stepped outside of the Nice train station I was smitten. Nice is the unofficial capital of the Côte d’Azur, and if you really want to soak up the Riviera vibe, there’s really no better place to do it. I was immediately captivated by the light, enchanted by the scents and charmed […]

24 Hours In Zürich, Switzerland

After an unbelievable train ride through the Switzerland alps we arrived in Zürich, Switzerland. It was pouring when we arrived and although I was extremely bummed {at first} that the only day we had here it would be raining, I would soon find out that Zürich is just as magical, if not more, when it […]

Marktgasse Hotel, Zürich

“the ding of a bell. the click of a room key. the rush of water filling a bathtub. the rustle of bed linen. they’re the sounds we hear at home, but in a hotel, they sound so much more glamorous. maybe it’s because we know someone else is tidying up and aligning our mini bottles […]