Cat Walk

Want to get as much use out of your favorite color, white, before the fall season hits full force? Me too! My shirt was the perfect link between summer and fall, the white says summer while the olive greens and purples leaned more towards a fall color palette. I also dressed up my outfit with a pair of shoes that I WILL be wearing after Labor Day, because they are that amazing.. and who cares. When I first laid my eyes on these pointy toe sneakers I knew that no pair of flats would ever come close to how stunning these were.

IMG_0422 copyIMG_0418 copyIMG_0425 copyIMG_0426 copyIMG_0429 copy038

IMG_0420 copy_edited-1IMG_0421 copy_edited-2Sporting: H&M cat blouse, Acne white leather skirt, Miu Miu sneakers