Black + Tan

Black and tan is probably my favorite color combination. I feel it is one of the most classic color combos and it all started with this jacket. When I spotted it last year around Christmas, I knew it was must have. I didn’t think twice. I believe if you have to think longer than 5 seconds about it, you don’t truly love it. When I read “vegan” leather it kind of urged me on even more.. I don’t know if it was the animal lover in me or the fact that “going vegan” is such a trendy thing to do these days. However, whichever the reason, it was a done deal and it was mine. After buying this jacket a year ago, I have found myself compulsively buying more and more vegan leather clothing. The texture is so unbelievably soft that I am always super comfortable and it doesn’t (completely) empty your wallet. I love that this jacket isn’t too intense and has a laid-back vibe.

IMG_1942IMG_1941IMG_1939IMG_1940IMG_1918IMG_1919Sporting: Sunday Somewhere x Fashiontoast Paris Sunglasses, Free People Vegan Leather Hooded Motorcycle Jacket, Ralph Lauren Skinny Jean