8 Things To Do In Colorado That Don’t Involve Hitting The Slopes

The mountains of Colorado covered in snow is a spectacular view, and because of this it attracts thousands of toursts every year. But what if you don’t want to ski or snowboard.. what is there to do? I love skiing so when I visited Colorado for the New Years I was eager to hit the slopes, however, the day of, altitude sickness got the best of me leaving me too tired and weak to do so. After a long afternoon nap I awoke feeling like a new person.. but now what? What were the snow covered mountain tops without skiing or snowboarding? Here are 8 alternatives to hitting the slopes that are in my opinion, a lot more fun:


1. Dog Sledding: For those looking for an adrenaline rush and opportunity of a lifetime dog sledding is definitely a must. Good Times Adventures offers the best rates and the best experience.


2. Snow Shoeing: If you prefer a calmer outing to discover the high country landscape, give snowshoeing a go. Snowshoeing allows you to go at your own pace and gives you much more freedom to roam.

3. Sleigh Rides: Two Below Zero is my favorite place to take a sleigh ride, here is why: After a 20 minute magical sleigh ride you arrive at a rural, warm oasis decorated with twinkling lights. Inside the tent you are greeted with hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps which tastes like a delicious andes mint when mixed together. A delightful 3 course dinner is prepared for you while you mingle and listen to the live band.


4. Snow Tubing: Channel your kid-at-heart and tube down the mountain’s slushy slopes. If you’re lucky, your resort will lug the tubes up the hill for you.

5. Shopping: Aspen and Vail are my favorite towns to shop, just make sure to bring a credit card.. or two.


6. Snow mobile riding: Put some horse-power between you and the snow and enjoy spectacular views while racing in and out of snow covered trees.

7. Ice Fishing: Wake up early, cut a hole in the ground, cook some bacon and watch the sunrise as you catch your next meal.

8. Hot Springs: There is nothing better than sitting in a steamy hot spring while snow falls on you.

more pictures of my dog sledding experience:

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