7 In-Flight Beauty Must-Haves

Whether you are jetting off an hour away or traveling across the country, air travel somehow always leaves you a little haggard.. Especially if delays are involved. So how do you step off the plane looking like a million bucks? I have tried and fell in love these 7 products that kept me looking fresh-faced and gorgeous. First, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the day before. NUDE detox fizzing face wash is a dream and leaves you feeling refreshed for days. Also, if you decide to apply a face cream while flying, your prepared, exfoliated skin will absorb it more easily and quickly. Make sure you hydrate your skin from within with tons of water. The lolli tint adds just enough color to your cheeks and lips also you can never go wrong with a shimmery lid. The Origins Moisterizer is my go to for a face pick-me-up. It contains coffee beans that help brighten the face and help with aging. Lastly, the most important makeup step to me is mascara. It completes a look and also stands well on its own when all you feel like wearing is that and Chapstick. 

_DSC0076_edited-1_DSC0065_DSC0069_edited-1Mascara and Eyelash Curler, Estee Lauder Night Repair, NUDE face wash, Origins eye cream, Benefit lolli tint, Chanel lipstick, Sephora eyeshadow